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Greek exceptional pulses

of pure terroir

Since 1956, a three generations experience and passion

About Company

arosis values and differentiation


Worldwide creme de la crème and Exclusively Greek pulses

  • Cyclic economy
    Cyclic economy
    zero waste, By-products for fertilizers
  • Sustainability
    environmental improvement
  • Recycled
    Packaging materials
  • Handpicking
    human control before packaging
  • Traceability
  • Passionate team
    Passionate team
    modern equipment in private owned facilities
  • Guaranteed supreme crops
    Guaranteed supreme crops
    from strictly selected Greek farmers
  • Based
    in the center of the cultivations
  • Agronomist ‘s supervision
    Agronomist ‘s supervision
    of the fields
  • Pioneering packaging
    Pioneering packaging
  • Guaranteed
    We pack only the products that we can guarantee
  • Ecological
    deworming system

Superiority of Greek pulses - αrosis products

  • Pure terroir
    Pure terroir
  • Ideal conditions in the fields
    Ideal conditions in the fields
  • Local Seeds
    Local Seeds
  • Experienced Farmers
    Experienced Farmers
  • Worldwide creme de la creme
    Worldwide creme de la creme
  • Demanding Consumers
    Demanding Consumers
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+30 24670 71792
+30 24670 71792

New product line

Mixed Greek pulses and rice.

Fakorizo 400g

What our demanding consumers say


Anastasios G. (U.S.A.)

We have enjoyed your products for decades in the USA.

Adrian M. (Norway)

Hi! I once attended a cooking course where we used your rice (Carolina, I believe). It was amazing!

Judith Q S. (U.S.A.)

Hello, your Chick peas are the best for preparing my Hummus.

Renata M. (Italy)

Hello, I love your products and I always buy some to take back home after summer holidays in Greece. In particular I love your gigantes and the small lentils and chickpeas.

Karine D. B. (Belgium)

I would like you to send me some addresses in Brussels or anywhere else in Belgium where I can buy all your products. I always brought them in my suitcase for years now.

Peter K. (U.S.A.)

Hello. My restaurants use your gigantes. We love them.

Irene S. (U.S.A.)

Congratulations to all of you! Thank God I can find your products in Chicago.

Themis D. (Canada)

I would like to tell you how much I, and my entire family, appreciate your company's excellent products. Apart from the origin of your excellent products, the organic small lentils which we have tried have a rich, complex texture and flavours that makes one appreciate the uniqueness of small-production varieties.

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 Our pulse is beating fast … from our excitement that arosis pulses have been, once again, awarded for their excellent taste & overall quality! Arosis Greek Giant Beans & Small Lentils, passed through a sensory evaluation, by professional taste-experts, on each of the following 5 criteria:1st impression, vision, olfaction, taste, texture. Both of them are [...]

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