Small Chickpeas Organic

from Grevena

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In our pure terroir of high altitude, life flows peacefully with faith in human values. Our strictly selected farmers are hands-on every day, using traditional farming techniques, cultivating with only local varieties’ seeds passed on from grandfather,
guaranteeing supreme crops!
Thus, it is no wonder our creme de la creme products worldwide, go far beyond anything mass-produced you have ever tried!
Since 1956, situated in the centre of the cultivations, for three generations now, arosis is a passionate team, which constantly embodies the pillars of our philosophy: Organic farming, Sustainability, Fair trade, Traceability, Handpicking, Ecology systems, Cyclic economy, Recycling, Producing only products we can guarantee.
Thank you for choosing arosis! Visit us at to see how sophisticated agricultural practises are put into use with respect to the ecosystem and the people involved.

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